Predicting the remainder of the 2020 LA Rams schedule

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Predicting the remainder of the 2020 LA Rams schedule, as the team works towards the NFL Playoffs

At 7-4 after 11 games, the LA Rams are at a crossroads. If they win more than half of their games, they have a very good chance of competing in the 2020 NFL Playoffs. Win more, and they may win the NFC West. Win fewer, and the Rams may end up the season with no chance to compete in postseason.

With five weeks left in the regular season, we are finally in the home stretch on the way to the 2020 playoffs. During the first 12 weeks, there were ups and downs, mostly great moments but also some head-scratching results. The Rams have three division games left and thankfully, they are done with the San Francisco 49ers unless they make it to the playoffs by some miracle. The remaining schedule is somewhat tough but this Rams team is built to play with the best of the best.

Week 13 at Arizona Cardinals

Playing the Arizona Cardinals for the first time of the season in week 13 was a strange decision by the schedule makers. The Cardinals look a little different than they did these past few years with the biggest acquisition being star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins.

Fortunately for the Rams, they have one of the best cornerbacks in the league in Jalen Ramsey who always shows up when being tasked with elite receivers like Hopkins. The Cardinals have struggled as of late and if it weren’t for a miracle hail mary vs Buffalo they’d be looking at a .500 record right now. The Rams matchup well vs this Cardinals team; Coach Sean McVay is still undefeated vs the Cardinals in his tenure as Rams head coach and I don’t see that changing in week 13.

Prediction: Rams win 31-24

Week 14 vs New England Patriots

The Rams tend to always have their struggles with the New England Patriots but there’s a new quarterback at the helm in Cam Newton. Much like the Rams got some revenge on Tom Brady a few weeks ago, I believe they continue the trend and get some revenge on the Patriots as they have to travel to the west coast for the Thursday night matchup.

However, there might be a little bit of difficulty as their defense is still playing top-notch, and head coach Bill Belichick has had the perfect plan to stop a McVay ran offense before. I could see this playing out just like the Cardinals and Patriots matchup this past week, except the Rams will be on the winning end of things when the game is over.

Prediction: Rams win 20-17

Week 15 vs New York Jets

With the Jets switching back and forth between QB Joe Flacco And Sam Darnold it gives everyone the sense that they really don’t have a clue of what they’re doing. This Jets team has been abysmal all year as they’ve had their eye on the number one pick which presumably will end up being Clemson QB, Trevor Lawrence.

At this point, if the Jets end up winning a game it might not be enough to get that number one overall pick because the Jacksonville Jaguars are closely trailing behind them with a new QB in their future as well. So, for their best interest, they might just want to keep the tank going. I see the Rams winning this game in blowout fashion as the Rams are legit super bowl contenders and the Jets well…are the Jets.

Prediction: Rams win 38-10

Week 16 at Seattle Seahawks

This game will undoubtedly be the toughest matchup on the remainder of the Rams schedule. It’s clear the Rams have had the Seahawks number for the past few years as coach McVay is 7-2 vs them during his tenure. In the week 10 victory vs Seattle, the Seahawks failed to get the ground game going and that could have to do with their two normal starting runningbacks were inactive due to injury, Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde.

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Now with those players back healthy, the Seahawks are playing a little bit better. I do see this being a close matchup like it always is, but it could be frigid in Seattle when they play there later in the month, and QB Jared Goff tends to struggle in cold weather. I have the Seahawks winning this matchup but hopefully, that won’t actually be the case because the Rams will be playing for the division title around this time.

Prediction: Seahawks win 27-24

Week 17 vs Arizona Cardinals

At this point in the season with it being the final game, there will be a whole lot of different scenarios. The Rams could have got their seeding already and feel comfortable with where they’re at and the Cardinals could be playing for a playoff spot in general. This game could have several different implications or it could mean nothing at all in the grand scheme of things.

However, with this game being at SoFi stadium which the Rams generally play well at, I see them victorious in this one as well with another sweep of the Cardinals. Rams have an elite defense this year and will hold the Cardinals to some field goal attempts and their current kicker Zane Gonzalez has had a forgettable year as it’s been nothing but struggles. With the Rams winning this one it’ll make McVay 8-0 vs the Cardinals all time and that’s just some straight up dominance.

Prediction: Rams win 28-14

Final thoughts

With this prediction, I have the Rams finishing out with an 11-5 record. You never know what could happen but the Rams expect QB Jared Goff to bounce back and lead this team in the way they know he is capable of. Goff acknowledged McVay’s postgame comments from the 49ers game in which McVay stated Goff has to take better care of the football.

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Goff stated to the media that McVay was “absolutely right” he followed up with “I’m a big boy, I can handle it. I have to take care of the ball better, and I will.” Goff is mentally tough and knows how to respond the right way, that is why in my predictions I have them winning 4 games out of 5 in a prime position for the 2020 postseason.