Keyshawn ignites war: ‘LA Rams QB Goff is better than Murray’

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The better quarterback is a matter of choice

So which quarterback is better right now? It’s a matter of taste. While it’s true that quarterback Kyler Murray will likely account for more of the Arizona Cardinals offense this season that Jared Goff will account for the LA Rams yards gained, is that automatically a good thing?  After all, the key is to win.

Yes, Murray is dangerous both in the pocket and when he takes off down the field. That creates pressure on defenses to dedicate a player to watch Murray in the pocket. That unto itself resonates on the type of pass defense he faces. But is the key to defeating Murray a matter of tiring him out?

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Belichick knows defense

The New England Patriots did not have a good day offensively against the Arizona Cardinals. But they won the game, despite quarterback Cam Newton throwing for just 84 yards and two inerceptions. They won by limiting Murray’s passing options, and forcing the Cardinals to try winning via the ground game. Murray threw for just 170 yards and one interception.

Against the San Francisco 49ers, Goff threw for 198 yards and two interceptions. Following that game, national narratives proclaimed that Goff was a sham, a pretender. After a hail mary pass to DeAndre Hopkins won the game against the Buffalo Bills by a score of 32-30, Kyler Murray was sensationalized as a superstar. But the true superstar on that play was wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and a dash of good luck.