NFL Playoff scenarios created by LA Rams final 5 games

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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Rams are wild

The Rams are right now in the best position for a wild card position in the NFC. For a quick comparison, they are in the same spot as the Cleveland Browns are right now for the AFC wild-card berth. But the Rams face four teams in their final five games that are still in position for a playoff spot. That means that the Rams will not get easy wins.

To be honest, after seeing just how bad a bad outing for these Rams can be, even the New York Jets is not a team to look past. And so, the Rams have a ‘feel’ of a team that has yet to commit to a very hot or very cold finish to the season, and that complicates any projections for these Rams. So let’s focus on where the Rams will finish by defining the likely scenario based on the record.

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O-5 record

If the Rams fail to win a single game this season, they will fulfill the doomsday prognosticators of this season. The Rams will fall to 7-9, and the plummet will likely send them to the bottom of the NFC West. To fail to such a disastrous finish, the Rams must lose to the Arizona Cardinals twice, lose their remaining game with the Seattle Seahawks, and be swept by all four teams in the AFC East. That’s quite the narrative, isn’t it?  Sweep the NFC East, and be swept by the AFC East.

While 7-9 would win the NFC East, it eliminates the Rams from any hope for an NFL Playoff spot. In short, the Rams will have lost the last six games of the season, and that in itself would trigger another deep reflection about the team. Bad teams lose games. But it takes an incredibly bad team to fall apart for six consecutive games in the NFL. This is the worst-case scenario, and the least likely to occur.