NFL Playoff scenarios created by LA Rams final 5 games

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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1-4 record

The LA Rams could win just one game, but again this is a very unlikely scenario. The victim would most likely be the New York Jets. If that proves to be the case, the Rams will finish the season at 8-8 and will miss the playoffs. To be fair, if the Rams fall to 8-7 after reaching a 7-3 record this season, they should probably stay home. Since the Rams have lost their most recent game, they will have played 1-5 in their last six games on their way to the playoffs.

The Rams have too much talent on the team to stumble this dramatically.  To win just one game, the Rams defense will become porous, the offense will fail miserably at ball security, and even the special teams’ play will fall apart.  That amount of misfortune occurring simultaneously is pretty unlikely.

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2-3 record

At two wins, the LA Rams have a chance to earn a wild card berth, but only if the Rams are strategic in which games they win. To earn a playoff berth, the Rams would need to win both games against the Arizona Cardinals. That would place both teams at 9-7 at season’s end, but the Rams would win the tie-breaker due to winning both games in head to head competition.

In virtually all other scenarios, the Rams would fail to earn a playoff berth with just two wins. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, and Arizona Cardinals are all in position to finish in either a tie or better than a 9-7 record.  The Rams would lose any tie with the 49ers and would need help to ensure that they win ties with the Bears or Vikings. At 9-7, the Rams could sneak into the playoffs behind the Buccaneers and Cardinals.