NFL Playoff scenarios created by LA Rams final 5 games

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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3-2 record

Of all the possibilities, the three wins two losses scenario is the most likely. And that scenario is one that invents a number of different routes to the playoffs.  Of course, the best scenarios involve winning games against NFC West opponents and losing games against the Patriot and Jets. But a more likely scenario is one where the Rams will exchange wins with the Arizona Cardinals and lose to the Seattle Seahawks.

That finish will propel the Rams to 10-6, but still likely drops the Rams to the seventh slot for the NFC Playoffs. The Buccaneers at 7-5 should win out their remaining games to finish at 11-5. The Cardinals should end the season at 10-6 as well, as long as they defeat the San Francisco 49ers.

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4-1 record

The Rams have a strong chance of winning four games to close out the season. But without one of those wins coming against the Seattle Seahawks, the success will not improve the Rams playoff berth.  Three of the four wins will come at the expense of the New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, and New England Patriots.  That leaves the remaining win against either the Cards or the Seahawks. A victory against Seattle will create a meaningful showdown between the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers to end the season.

In that scenario, the Rams and Seahawks would end the season tied at 11-5. But it would be the Rams who would win the NFC West with a 2-0 record against the Seahawks in direct competition.  The Rams would finish 3-3 in the division, while the Seahawks would plunge to 2-4.  That would also open the door for the 49ers to sneak into the NFL Playoffs with the chance at a 10-6 record.  That would mean that the 6-4 Arizona Cardinals would finish no better than 9-7 and would miss the playoffs once more.