10 reasons to believe in this LA Rams offense and QB Goff

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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I – Jared Goff outplayed Wilson, Murray, and Brady

While nobody will confuse LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff with any other NFL quarterback, there is this lingering perception that Goff is a lower-tier quarterback. In the NFL, no position is given more credit for success and more blame for struggles than the quarterback position. But somehow, that doesn’t apply to LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff.

Rational discussion about an NFL offense will include blocking, running backs, receivers, play calling, and quarterback play. Each component becomes an integral part of the offense’s outcome. That’s what contributes to the success or failure of the offense. Success is ultimately measured in wins. Right now, the Rams are 8-4. The Rams are winning.

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Rams All-Time passing leader

Jared Goff continues his steady climb up the Rams All-Time passing leader board. Right now, he is in fourth-place in passing yards with 17,591 and in fifth-place in passing touchdowns with 104. While many fault Goff, he is only second in completion percentage to the great Kurt Warner. His interception percentage is tied for the best with Sam Bradford.

Goff may not flash his name among the most talked about quarterbacks in the NFL. But he keeps putting in the work. And it’s that steady-as-she-goes that will enable Goff to chip away at the franchise lead for passing yards and touchdowns.  The fact is that the LA Rams Goff may seem inconsistent, but you can see from the NFL passing leaders that Goff is a fixture among the Top-10 quarterbacks each year.

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Since 2017.  He was ranked tenth in 2017, fourth in 2018, third in 2019, and now sixth in 2020. Few if any quarterbacks drafted since 2016 can make that claim.  In head to head competition, Jared Goff outplayed Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Kyler Murray this season. No, Goff is not to be confused with any of those quarterbacks. But he is not to take a back seat to any of them either.