10 reasons to believe in this LA Rams offense and QB Goff

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X – Team suffered injuries on the offensive line and didn’t miss a beat

While the LA Rams offense may not be nearly as high-octane as previous years, it’s also not as likely to implode upon itself.  Yes, quarterback Jared Goff has ugly games. Yes, the Rams continue to have mental lapses that lead to ridiculously poorly timed turnovers, but this season it’s not about a team that is duct taping the roster, shopping for starters to block in mid-season.

The LA Rams have suffered two injuries on the offensive line this year. The first time left guard Joseph Noteboom suffered a lower leg injury, forcing him to injured reserve and the Rams to promote David Edwards to a starting role.

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Noteboom takes over at LT

You might think that’s where this story ends. After all, there is no reason to change an offensive line group if it is playing well together. And Edwards was definitely playing well enough at left guard not to risk upsetting the cohesion by returning Noteboom to his left guard spot. But veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworth fell to injury when Noteboom was reactivated from Injured Reserve.

So the Rams slid the back-to-health Noteboom into the critical left tackle position, where he has been doing a rather noteworthy performance. Unlike 2019 when offensive line injuries disrupted the offensive running game and timing, the Rams have been able to swap out starting offensive linemen twice this season and continue along their winning ways. That is no easy feat, and just one reason to believe in the Rams offense this year.