10 reasons to believe in this LA Rams offense and QB Goff

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VII – Rams offense taking what defense gives them

While there have been some games where the offensive play-calling doesn’t seem to align with what the defense is allowing, the Rams have been improving over previous seasons where it seemed changes did not come before three games had passed. The ability for this offense to cobble points in games is a huge asset.

The Rams’ ability to run or pass this year has been a blessing.  In each game, it’s not long before the team and viewing fans can pinpoint what seems to be more effective. If the running game is moving the chains and eating up the clock, the Rams can move the chains even more with additional running plays. Of course, what many see watching the game is not always what Rams head coach Sean McVay sees.

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Rams strategy paying off

However else you see it, the Rams seem to have a successful strategy. These Rams have not suffered a losing season since McVay has taken over, and they are assured that 2020 will continue the streak.  This team frustrates Fantasy Football general managers because there is no pattern, rhyme, or reason to guess which player will score, or even put up 100 yards in a game. In fact, only rookie running back Cam Akers has scored in consecutive games recently.

The LA Rams are very dependant upon yards after the catch in their passing game. While the Rams are not stretching the field, it’s no secret that the Rams have sped up the tempo of Jared Goff in the pocket. Faster tempo means less time for a play to develop, and less time means shorter passes. While some wonder why the Rams do not stretch defenses, the Rams simply do not have enough time in the pocket to attempt long passes. So the Rams take what the defense gives them.