5 bold predictions for the LA Rams vs. the Patriots

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V – Prediction 5

Rookie RB Akers will extend his touchdown streak. In the past three games, Cam Akers has scored at least one touchdown. One touchdown was a four-yard reception for a touchdown. The next two were rushing touchdowns. Three straight games, three straight scores. So it would make sense that the LA Rams would face a Patriots defense keyed to stop Akers whenever he is in the red zone.

Well, they can try. Or rather, they may not even try. Bill Belichick did not make his reputation by planning to stop every contingency. Rather, he makes it a point to take away the top two weapons of the offense and force the opponents to beat him with whatever is left. For the Rams, that will mean WRs Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods.

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Akers is tough to defend

The more I see Akers run, the more impressed I become. Yes, both Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown can run as well. But Akers seems to combine Henderson’s big-play ability with Brown’s tough running style. On top of that, Akers has the ability to shield himself from defenders by remaining in the shadows of his blockers.

Akers is only now dawning as a featured running back for the Rams. So I won’t pretend to tell you just how great he will be, as long as we use the same standards to eliminate nay-saying the rookie before he gets a wholesome opportunity. His touches will come. So far, he has a good eye for open spaces and a good nose for the end zone. He scores another touchdown in this one.