LA Rams success should never fall solely upon QB Jared Goff

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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So the LA Rams neglected the needs of quarterback Jared Goff in 2019, and the results were a fairly dramatic decline in production, ability to read defenses, comfort in the pocket, and confidence in making hurried and off-balance throws. Unlike many positions, the role of the quarterbacks is like the pilot of a cutting-edge technology fighter jet.

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Innovations happen constantly. Expecting an NFL quarterback to ‘keep up’ is the equivalent of asking him to pack the trunk full while speeding down the highway at 60 miles per hour. If you don’t believe me, just look at the demise of Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz this year.  The Eagles, you may recall, opted not to hire an offensive coordinator for the 2020 NFL season.

O’Connell guiding Goff

Just one short week ago, we asked where offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell was in the struggles of quarterback Jared Goff. After all, it was O’Connell’s job to help Goff process what he was seeing, help him break down the defenses, challenge Goff’s logic post-game. It was O’Connell’s job to keep Goff focused. But that road went both ways. The other edge of that sword was that it was O’Connell’s job to work hand in hand with head coach Sean McVay to rework a game plan to give Goff a chance of success.

O’Connell’s fingerprints were all over the Rams game plan against the Arizona Cardinals. The Rams executed nearly a flawless offensive gameplan with gave Goff short pass options all day, relied heavily upon the yards after catch advantage of the Rams receivers to pile up yardage, and mixing in a healthy dose of rushes to keep that Cardinals defense honest and chew up time on the game clock.

No, the outcome of a game should not fall solely upon the shoulders of a quarterback. He is entirely dependant upon the personnel package sent onto the field. He needs not only a great game plan but viable audibles to check out of called plays. Finally, he must rely upon 10 teammates to be where they need to be, run, block, and catch. But most of all, every NFL quarterback needs us to hold everyone accountable, not just him.

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Perhaps, it is we who are partially to blame as well.