LA Rams Andrew Whitworth is working his way back

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Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports /

Despite his status as one of the oldest starting offensive linemen in the NFL, LA Rams Andrew Whitworth is working his way back to playing again this season

The LA Rams may be under the perception that they have made the transition from longtime veteran offensive left tackle Andrew Whitworth to his heir apparent younger stand-in Joseph Noteboom. But don’t expect Big Whit to see it that way. In fact, don’t expect him to see it any way other than he is coming back to the NFL as quickly and as safely as he can.

In fact, he is working hard to do exactly that right now. And he’s even doing it in front of an audience to put everyone on notice.

Andrew Whitworth’s work ethic has been vital to reassembling the LA Rams offensive line this season. Without his performance in 2019, the Rams season may have fallen apart at the seams.

The glue guy

The LA Rams had only one offensive lineman play all 16 games in 2019. He was Andrew Whitworth.Now, don’t mistake playing for ‘not injured’. As soon as the season ended, Whitworth had corrective surgery to clean up his ankle. But as young inexperienced players rotate into the offensive line, they were coached up by on-the-job-training (OJT) by veteran Whitworth.

From NoteBoom to Corbett, Edwards to Evans, Whitworth was more than happy to give his younger teammates. Each player interviewed in the offseason had great things to say about Big Whit. In fact, he even invited right tackle Rob Havenstein to train together in the offseason.

Why it’s important to get Whitworth back

The LA Rams offensive line will hold together well enough to win. With each game the line plays with the same starters, they get better at synchronizing among one another. The best offensive lines not only have the best talented individuals, but they have the longest time playing together. Whitworth’s ability is not just what he does to defenders on the football field, but how much positive impact he has had over the years on his younger teammates.

Part of the incentive right now in the hearts of each player on that offensive line, if not the entire team, is to get to the playoffs and keep winning long enough to get Andrew Whitworth back. Of course, winning has plenty of motivations in the NFL. But the team can and is rallying behind that simplest of concepts – this one is for Big Whit.

From future defensive stars like Terrell Lewis, to young offensive linemen like Joseph Noteboom, to NFL transplants like Austin Corbett, many Rams players have been taken under the big wings of Big Whit. The Rams players are working hard to win and hold the door open for teammate Andrew Whitworth. And Whitworth is working hard to return to play with the Rams.

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This one is for Big Whit.