5 surprise LA Rams players key to TNF win over Patriots

Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl L A Rams At Arizona Cardinals
Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl L A Rams At Arizona Cardinals /
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In order for the LA Rams to win on Thursday Night Football, these five players will need to have season best performances

Even as the LA Rams have climbed to a record of 8-4, they are not in the clear. Climbing the ranks of the NFC for an opportunity to play in postseason is very much like climbing a mountain. It starts out with a steady but gradual uphill slope. There are some twists and turns along the way. But the closer you get to the top, the steeper and more treacherous the going becomes.

One of the most satisfying rewards to mountain climbing is the knowledge that when you’ve succeeded, you are able to enjoy a view that few have earned before. As your lungs gulp in air, and your heart races, there is a clarity of thinking, a focus upon the long arduous journey and the pleasure of succeeding. That is what the LA Rams are striving towards. The LA Rams are climbing towards the chance to compete in, and win, the Super Bowl. So far the team has ascended at a nice sustainable pace.

Steep climb to the top

But now, the going gets tougher. Just four games remaining, and each offers a different challenge. The first challenge could prove to be the most difficult. It’s certainly the most immediate challenge. After all, the Rams must face the team that less than two years ago created the defensive template used over and over to defeat the Rams since.

Of course, we’re talking about the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick.  The Rams faced the Patriots in Super Bowl 53. The final score of 13-3 was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. Ever since that game, the LA Rams have not been the same team. The team suffered injuries, mimickry, and a slow defection of coaches to other teams.  Still, a record of 17-11 proves that this Rams team still has some fight left in it.

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Now, the Rams have a chance to exorcise the ghost of the past. Not only will a victory propel the Rams to a lofty record of 9-4, but will guarantee that the Rams will finish all four seasons under HC Sean McVay over .500. But moreso, it will remove the ‘gimmick’ adjective from McVay’s offense. But to win in this one, the Rams will need the best from these five players