5 surprise LA Rams players key to TNF win over Patriots

Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl L A Rams At Arizona Cardinals
Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl L A Rams At Arizona Cardinals /
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OLB Hollins

When the LA Rams signed LB Justin Hollins off the waiver wire from the Denver Broncos, the bar of expectations was not set very high. The last signed player to the 53-man roster is not historically where stars appear. But then again,  the Rams have a bit of luck when signing players from another team’s waiver wire.

The reason why Justin Hollins is such a key to the Rams win in this one is that he is the most effective edge rusher opposite veteran Leonard Floyd. Hollins was a complete beast when defending the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.  He proved incredibly effective in setting a strong contain edge on passing downs, running Murray down, and running all over the field.

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Why now?

The Arizona Cardinals offense is a great warmup for the New England Patriots offense, because both teams are excellent rushing offenses. The Rams contained the Cardinals running attack, and need to simply remain in the same stop-the-run mindset when confronting the Patriots.

Keep in mind that the Patriots passing attack is a receiver-by-committee group. The Patriots do not have stars catching the ball, but will overwhelm defenses like a swarm of gnats. That’s where Hollins has a field day. Cam Newton is about extending plays with his legs, but he won’t evade heat-seeking missile Justin Hollins. He’ll get a lion’s share of defensive stats, will put up 5 tackles and another sack in this one.