5 crucial takeaways from LA Rams Thursday Night Football game

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LA Rams
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Here are five TNF takeaways to ponder over the next 10 day until the LA Rams next game

There was not as much confidence in the LA Rams for their Thursday Night Football matchup with the New England Patriots as you might have imagined between an 8-4 Rams team hosting a 6-6 Patriots team.  While that may or not be a concern, the outcome of the game certainly was not. The Rams dominated this one from start to finish.

The Rams have not earned any measure of payback with their 24-3 victory over the New England Patriots. They were the more talented team and were expected to win. But what will be ignored is the doomsday headlines that the Rams avoided by this victory. The narrative of Sean McVay being a gimmicky head coach waits for moments like these. Another chance to recycle the Goff-is-a-system-quarterback that so many accept at face value.

Tell them what they missed with this win

NFL headlines will not tout the Rams fruitless efforts to defeat Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. There will be no hot takes claiming the Rams to be a mirage because the team lost a game. There will be no graphics featuring how poorly the Rams played over the years against the Patriots team, nor the list of consecutive losses by the Rams against the Patriots.

Not just one more win, but rather a purge of losses. Just like the Rams win over the Eagles was just one more win, but served to purge the string of previous losses to the Eagles. This Rams team is not following the old script but is forging a new path towards a new destiny.  That’s a pretty grand statement after one simple win. But this is not one point standing alone. this is a trend, a series of games whose outcomes project good things for the Rams. The Rams are changing a tired old BS narrative, one sentence at a time.