5 crucial takeaways from LA Rams Thursday Night Football game

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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Rams can win without Goff having a huge game

The LA Rams have hitched their wagon solely to the performance of starting quarterback Jared Goff far too often. After all, not every game that the Rams win must be about quarterback Jared Goff having another flawless game. And yet, that’s where the Rams find themselves. Well, at least until the Thursday Night Football Game.

The win was a good one. A feel-good win that carries over through the next morning and perhaps all the way into the weekend. The game was a showcase of what this team can do when they put it all together. It was a dominant defense, a satisfactory special teams’ play, a gargantuan running attack.  But where was the 300-yard three-touchdown performance from Rams’ QB Goff that has become so vital for any success?

Must Read. LA Rams success should never fall solely upon QB Jared Goff. light

Goff meh, Rams win anyways

LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff did not have a great game. Yes, he’s had worse. But he emerged from last night having gone 16 of 25 passes for 137 yards with one touchdown and one interception. He was sacked once for five yards and rushed four times for 11 yards and a touchdown.

It has never been fair to depend almost entirely upon one player to succeed. The greatest team in NFL history was the Miami Dolphins’ undefeated season was piloted by backup quarterback Earl Morrall for 11 of the 14 wins. Defenses can stop one player. The Patriots did in Super Bowl 53, and for the most part, stopped Goff well enough to make the game much closer than it was. The Rams are finally showing signs of being a complete football team, and man does this feel good.