LA Rams defense is proving it’s not just Donald any longer

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams DT Michael Brockers is proving that this Rams defense is not just about Aaron Donald any longer

There are times when many viewers wonder where the rest of the defense is when so many blockers focus upon LA Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald. The Rams Thursday Night Football performance was certainly not one of those times. While the Patriots focused upon blocking Donald, the Rams defensive front focused upon sacking the quarterback.

Despite the LA Rams benefitting from outstanding production from Donald, the defense is not sitting back and waiting for their All-Pro defensive lineman to do something. Now, the Rams are creating opportunities all over the defense. It’s no longer Aaron Donald vs All Others. In this defense, the Rams are making things happen for everyone.

New stars

The LA Rams know that Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers share a bond of friendship. Historically, that has not translated into positive production for Brockers. Instead, he was the straight man to Donald’s highlight reel. He took on blockers and stopped the offense run attack, and Aaron Donald mopped up the quarterback with a vicious pass rush.

Suddenly, Brockers has found a vicious pass rush, and he is happy to be bringing down quarterbacks for his teammates.

But it’s not just bringing down a quarterback, but the incredible hustle shown all over the defense. NFL analyst Brian Baldinger breaks down a play from Morgan Fox that displays this very well. The Rams make the little plays on defense that allow huge plays to occur.

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It’s unlikely that offenses will stop doubling or even tripling up blockers to protect against Aaron Donald in the near future. But the Rams defense is proving that they will make the offense pay whenever they do. That makes it a little more satisfying.