LA Rams cleared the suddenly dangerous NFC East just in time

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams defeated all four NFC East teams this season. Suddenly, that seems to be a difficult task to replicate

The LA Rams won four of their first five games this season, and all wins came at the expense of the NFC East.  While any wins are precious, many tried to underestimate the Rams’ potential success this season by undervaluing the worth of the Rams wins against a fairly unimpressive NFL division.

But as is frequently the case, things change rapidly in the NFL. The NFC West began to show vulnerabilities, and the NFC East began to find success.  The Rams cleared out of the East and began to take on one of the toughest schedules in the NFL this season, and that schedule is still difficult to play. Meanwhile, the NFC East teams began to fight back.

NFC East not so least

It was the Philadelphia Eagles that handed the San Francisco 49ers their second loss at home.  It was the New York Giants that handed the Seattle Seahawks their first home loss this season.  Meanwhile, the Washington Football team defeated the 49ers at home and virtually eliminating their playoff hopes. In fact, the NFC East teams won three of four games in week 14, with two victories coming against potential playoff teams.

Now that shoe is on the other foot, the feat of sweeping the NFC East is not nearly as simple as many made it out to be. Of all four NFC West teams, only the Arizona Cardinals have a chance to match the Rams’ success, and they must defeat the Philadelphia Eagles next week to do so.

There are no easy wins in the NFL. Despite the commentary earlier in the season, the Rams earned each of their nine victories so far this season. They have a chance to earn three more, and we hope that they do. Anyone who stoops to berating a team for success against inferior competition in the NFL often finds their own team eventually losing games to inferior competition.

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The NFC East has learned how to win football games against some very good teams.  The Rams cleared NFC East times just in time.