5 ways the LA Rams now playing like a champion should

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5. Everyone contributes

A group becomes a team when everyone is confident enough in his own abilities to compliment the efforts of others. That describes this Rams team to a tee so far this season. There is plenty of spotlights to go around for everyone. And nothing is near as fun as watching the Rams teammates promote one another

Aaron Donald is one of the greatest defensive players of the current NFL. And yet, he deflected to his teammates. That sets the culture for all teammates. After all, if Aaron Donald isn’t claiming his own success, how can anyone else on this team be different.

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Better than the brochure

The LA Rams did not sequester players during the offseason. All 53-men on the roster know that the expectation for their season has already been exceeded. That creates a mindset of us against them. Almost similar to military training, the Rams grew closer through adversity. Players have become closer through it all, creating a supportive culture. New additions recognize the family-like bond and reciprocate.

Each player knows that he must deliver to help the team succeed. And everyone trusts his teammate to deliver as well.  One tackle, one block, one deflected pass, each moment builds towards a team win. Nothing sensational. Just a lot of players making plays.