How well did LA Rams do in the 2020 NFL Free Agency?

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams will win some and lose some in the offseason. Let’s revisit the LA Rams decisions in the 2020 NFL Free Agency market

The LA Rams did not exactly go on a shopping spree in the 2020 NFL Free Agency market. Let’s face it, the Rams entered the offseason on a shoestring budget and were staring at a significant number of player defections on defense. The once-mighty Rams had fallen out of the NFL playoffs for the first time under head coach Sean McVay, and many staunch supporters looked for the type of offseason that proved that the Rams would quickly rebound.

Retaining veterans did not seem to be the wisest option for casual fans and uninterested outside parties. After all, the Rams offensive line had fallen to the 31st-ranked unit in the NFL. The Rams rushing attack, the bread-and-butter of the offense, had fallen to the 26th-ranked unit in the NFL. The team’s front office had a long list of ‘To-Do’s’ to manage with little free salary space, and too few NFL Draft picks.

Setting the right priorities

After 80 percent of the 2020 NFL Season has become water under the bridge, it seems like as good of a time as any to look back and see where the Rams were, and how well the team used the 2020 NFL Free Agency market.  The Rams were faced with more wants than bucks, more holes than picks, so the team did what anyone would and simply created their list of achievable priorities.

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Keep in mind that the Rams were decimated on offense, but were staring at a number of key defensive free agents leaving the team for greener pastures. Without a surplus, the Rams had to make some hard choices.  So how did the team do? Let’s look at the team’s options, and judge the results so far in the 2020 NFL Season.