How well did LA Rams do in the 2020 NFL Free Agency?

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LA Rams 2020 NFL Free Agency
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Redoing the defense

Of course, the Rams were a completely different tale on the defensive side of the ball. The team had just signed a new defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. While he was interacting with the coaching staff and instilling his new defensive philosophy, the NFL Free Agency market was already well underway by the time he had the opportunity to lobby for players to retain.

Of course, the LA Rams lost veteran defensive lineman Michael Brockers almost as quickly as free agency started. The Baltimore Ravens quickly signed him to a multi-year contract, and it truly appeared that he was gone. But for the second time in a row, the Ravens may have experienced some buyer’s remorse as other players became available at the position.  Fortunately for both Brockers and the Rams, LA Rams general manager Les Snead was able to honor the terms of Brockers contract if he would return to Los Angeles. Brockers agreed and the Rams were able to keep Brockers in LA.

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More tweaks

It was a very wise move by the Rams.  Before free agency began, All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald lobbied hard for the Rams to re-sign Brockers. Since Staley’s defense depended heavily upon Donald, the gesture of bringing Brockers back would prove to bear much fruit. Re-signing Brockers ensured that the Rams Top-Three defensive line would be back for another season.

Staley’s defense required three things: Strong defensive linemen; outside pass rushers who could set an edge, defend the pass, and rush the quarterback, and versatile defensive backs who could play multiple roles in the secondary.  Young defensive end Morgan Fox provided much of the second, a high-energy guy off the edge who is both strong and agile. And the Rams brought back defensive back Donte Deayon, and young defensive back who exhibited qualities for both cornerback and safety.