How well did LA Rams do in the 2020 NFL Free Agency?

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LA Rams 2020 NFL Free Agency
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Some names fans may not miss

Sometimes players with expiring contracts simply do not garner much attention in the NFL Free Agency market. Whether the players simply did not flash enough in their performance, or their skillsets were readily available, or they were simply outnumbered by an influx of young rookies eager to make their own way in the NFL. For whatever the reason, some LA Rams players were not re-signed, and failed to attract much interest from other NFL teams.

Inside linebacker Bryce Hager is a 6-foot-1, 237-pound, five-year player for the LA Rams, finally getting a chance to start alongside Cory Littleton in 2019, before his season ended with a knee injury. Hager also contributed on special teams. The Rams also failed to re-sign Marqui Christian. Christian is a 5-foot-11 207-pound defensive back who seemed to be very effective for the Rams.

Also. LA Rams Whitworth nominated for Walter Payton Man of the Year award. light

Outgoing offensive players

Perhaps one of the most unexpected outcomes, if not a complete surprise, was the LA Rams passing on bringing back quarterback Blake Bortles to the team  It’s not as though Bortles was so skilled or talented, but rather he is very familiar with the Rams offense. As we’ve seen so far this season, even a false positive test for COVID-19 at the wrong time can play complete havoc with a team. Bortles would add one more layer of ‘protection’ against such a misfortunate event.

Another offensive player, wide receiver Mike Thomas, did not re-sign with the Rams. Rather, the 6-foot-1, 189-pound receiver signed on with the Cincinnati Bengals.  So far this year, he has caught 13 of 20 passes for 132 yards and a touchdown.  He seems to have found a place in the Bengals offense, as he has nearly had as many offensive snaps in his one year with the Bengals as his previous four seasons with the LA Rams.