The beauty of LA Rams ugly wins lies in the eye of the beholder

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The LA Rams may not win each game with grace and style, but their is a unique beauty in ugly wins as well

The LA Rams have been a very successful team since head coach Sean McVay has joined forces with quarterback Jared Goff. Since they have combined their talents, the LA Rams have won 42 regular season games and lost just 19.  Few if any other NFL teams have been that successful over that time frame. So you would think everyone would be happy, right?

Well, there is a bit of mixed responses to that.  You see, not everyone is happy with the job McVay has done. Even fewer people are happy with the job that Jared Goff has done. Not that there is a majority of people in an uproar over the Rams right now. I mean, the Rams are 9-4 this season, and could very likely end the season at 12-4 if the team wins out.

Rams are not perfect

But the Rams, like every NFL team, simply experience some games where the play was not perfectly executed. The Rams have wins yes. But they have lost four games this year, and the team did not look like itself. Poor execution on offense, falling behind rapidly, a defense that could not make critical stops. Four losses, but each loss was something short of perfect.

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But amidst the losses and wins, the LA Rams have several victories over their opponent with a small margin of victory, or a game that seemed to be more difficult than it should have been. The Rams won the game, yes. But the manner that the Rams won those games was a bit ugly to some. But let’s break down the three games in question, and discuss why there is beauty in an ugly win.