What if? 5 wild LA Rams roster additions this offseason

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QB Darnold

The New York Jets would not be foolish enough to draft a quarterback with the top overall pick to bench him behind the largely ineffective quarterback Sam Darnold. Neither would the Jets be foolish enough to command a top asking price for a young quarterback who has been largely ineffective nearly his entire NFL career. So it’s a stalemate, at least with the current scenario.

The solution is obvious. The New York Jets will likely trade Darnold for whatever they can get. Some analysts have used the Josh Rosen trade to the Miami Dolphins for a second-round and a fifth-round draft pick as the template for what it will take to get Darnold. I disagree. Rosen played just one season for the Cardinals before being traded to the Dolphins. Darnold has played three NFL seasons and has regressed in 2020.  Many NFL teams are linked to Darnold, but the Rams are not one of them. Here’s why that could be inaccurate.

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Rams perfect setup for Darnold

The LA Rams may not be a team in need of a young project quarterback, but they are certainly the team that is best equipped to handle one. Let’s face it, the Rams hired offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell to improve quarterback Jared Goff’s ability to process what he sees on the field and to throw more accurately. Those same deficiencies are plaguing Sam Darnold’s NFL performance so far as well.

The Rams have several reasons to have an interest in Darnold. He is a former first-round selection, chosen third in the 2018 NFL Draft. Even a modest improvement under the Rams’ coaching staff would be a wise investment.  To that means, the Rams players have been overly complimentary of the besieged Jets hurler,  After all, he was born in Dana Point, California, which is just south of Los Angeles.  Darnold would consider joining the LA Rams a homecoming of sorts. And the Rams would benefit from adding a veteran quarterback to the roster to ensure against starting quarterback Jared Goff from a prolonged absence due to injury.