What if? 5 wild LA Rams roster additions this offseason

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RB Fournette

With the likely attrition of RB Malcolm Brown, what if the Rams show interest in one more former Jacksonville Jaguars player, running back Leonard Fournette? Fournette is a young running back with plenty of talent and an ability to threaten defenses both on the ground or through the air. He signed on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a one-year deal for $2 million but is only getting action for 33 percent of the offensive snaps.

Fournette is playing in the Bucs rotation at running back, sharing the workload with Ronald Jones. While he is a solid complement to Jones, the likelihood of the Buccaneers attempting to re-sign him is up in the air.  With the Rams situation with veteran running back Malcolm Brown likewise up in the air, the Rams may have some interest in adding a talented veteran to the running back room for 2021.

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Invest in a running game

Fournette compliments the Rams running attack in several ways. Darrell Henderson brings blinding speed to attack the defense edges. Cam Akers is a solid shadow runner, a gifted running back who gets the most of his offensive line by making use of their blocks until they open a crease, which he darts through to daylight. Fournette is a punishing style of running back similar to Brown, but one who can rush for 1000 yards in a season.

With the Rams showing flashes of getting significant production out of the running game as had been the case in the heyday of running back Todd Gurley, it makes sense for the Rams to consider investing in more talent to enhance the ability to move the chains on the ground. After all, the Rams offense is more effective when the running game is purring. Bringing in a veteran like Fournette adds an insurance policy to the roster next season.