LA Rams discovering that weakest link dictates outcome

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The most common element that we’ve persistently chimed in over is the Rams’ unwillingness, or inability, to secure the football. Yet each week, we are back at it, repeating the risks of coughing up the ball, linking NFL success to the teams that takeaway the football over the teams that turn over the football. Teams that lead the NFL in net turnovers win a large portion of their games.

Right now, the LA Rams are at a net turnover mark of negative-one (-1). That is in spite of the fact that the Rams are tied for fifth-place in the NFL in gross take aways with 21.  The Rams have 13 interceptions and eight fumble recoveries. That is a very opportunistic defense.  Unfortunately, the Rams are just as generous at giving the ball away, and are tied in the NFL as the sixth-worst NFL team at protecting the ball. The Rams have thrown for 12 interceptions (ninth-ranked) and lost 10 fumbles (tied for sixth-ranked)

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Not just Goff

Fixing a problem is not just assigning blame. A solution requires fixing the process that causes the unwanted outcome. So far this season, after 14 games, this Rams team has yet to have a game without coughing up the football. While the main culprit is indeed Goff, the Rams have 509 passing attempts already this year, and Goff has rushed with the ball 44 times.  The Rams have rushed the ball (sans Goff) just 370 times.

The Rams offense is designed to be run-centric.  But when the going gets tough, McVay runs the offense through Goff. Goff is no better and no worse that any other potentially great quarterback this early in his career. He simply gets used more. The problem is that the Rams stop doing what they are designed to do, and reroute the entire offense through Goff in the hopes that Goff can win the game in spite of no running game and poor pass protection. How is that supposed to work anyway? Why do the Rams abandon the run when the team struggles early?