LA Rams various NFL Playoff scenarios updated for a 9-5 record

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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LA Rams’ playoff projection updated for falling to a record of 9-5

The LA Rams‘ loss this past NFL Sunday to the New York Jets was embarrassing to say the least. Still out of the three games remaining to that point that loss was the best case scenario if the Rams had to lose one.

With two divisional games left the Rams can secure a great seed in a dominating fashion. It all just depends on whether it’s with a record of 11-5 and NFC West division champs or with a record of 9-7 as the seventh seed.

There are many ways this can play out and every game the Rams have has big time playoff implications. The Rams do have a shot at the top seed but it requires the Rams to win out and the Packers to lose out and the Saints to lose out of their remaining two games. That is improbable .

Playoff picture coming into focus

So we will focus upon  the remaining scenarios that are most likely happen. That is why this will mostly cover seeds three through seven and those probable matchups.

With the picture being so blurred there are a bunch of seeding combinations that can happen. I will try to go through most if not all possible seeding and matchups for the Rams. There even is a weird scenario of a three way tie for the NFC West that we will go over.

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However, there are just too much that can still change in the next two weeks which can be confusing. All the seeding matchups for the Rams placement at seeds 2-7 depend on how six separate teams do in the next two weeks.