LA Rams various NFL Playoff scenarios updated for a 9-5 record

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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Wildcard Seeding

Just to get this out of the way, if the Rams are the top wildcard seed they will play the winners of the NFC East, most likely the Washington Football Team, on the  road.

The seventh and sixthth seed matchups could all be different. The Rams must lose out to get the seventh seed, however there are two ways to get the sixth seed. The Rams must win one game and Tampa Bay must win out. Either way the seeding plays out the Rams will have one of three opponents; The Rams will either travel to Tampa Bay, New Orleans or Seattle.

The only way to play Tampa is if the Rams go 9-7 and Tampa Bay wins out and New Orleans win out. Now the Rams can play both Seattle and New Orleans at the sixth or seventh seed. The Saints win the number two seed as long as they win both games or, if they lose one game, Seattle loses to the 49ers.

Few fans means not much home field difference

In the unlikely event that the New Orleans Saints lose both games, Seattle must win both games to claim the second seed.  But for the Rams, the difference between a second or third sead and a wild card seeding is merely where the the teams will play. Of course, the Rams are a far better team so far at SoFi Stadium. But if they lose or win both games, the margin of difference wll be smaller.

Next. LA Rams offense lacks improvisation, which leads to their downfall. dark

By next week the playoff picture will be a lot clearer. With so much that can happen anything can change, leaving so many playoff seeding scenarios by the wayside. While it is probable to still get the one seed the odds are the Rams will most likely get either the third or fourth seed. The Rams this season have a great shot at a title run and these next two weeks will show how easy or hard the playoffs will be.