Should LA Rams draft QB in the 2021 NFL Draft, and when?

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LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft
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Day Two targets

The LA Rams will not be close to drafting the Top-Three quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft. They are Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State’s Justin Fields, and Brigham Young University’s Zach Wilson. At least two will go in the top three.  In fact, five could come off the board in round one. So to be safe, we have pulled North Dakota State’s Trey Lance as well as Florida’s Kyle Trask.

The next order of business is to decide beforehand what type of offense the Rams should be running. Of course, it’s easy to follow the latest NFL trend and lean into the direction of a dual-threat quarterback. But how effective are they in terms of long-term NFL ability? Eventually, the legs give out and the offense is left with a quarterback who used to run well running the offense. Or do you go with a traditional pocket-presence quarterback, and surrender the thrill of watching the quarterback evade pressure and run for a touchdown?

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Alabama QB

The first target for the  Rams quarterback search likely begins with the 6-foot-2 205-pound quarterback Mac Jones out of Alabama. If you wanted a rookie to have the ability to change the Rams offense and deliver a threat to run for a thousand yards, then Jones is not your target. He was the backup quarterback at Alabama who backed up Tua Tagovailoa  As such, he had plenty of opportunities.

Jones is a typical pocket passer, which surprisingly may tarnish his attractiveness to NFL teams eager to land the next Lamar Jackson/Kyler Murray prototype. But for the LA Rams’ current offense, Jones is an ideal fit. Jones has thrown for 3,749 yards, 32 touchdowns, and just four interceptions. While Jones is not a dual-threat quarterback, he is mobile enough to evade pressure and remain locked on receivers downfield. He has a great football IQ and knows where he wants to go with the football.

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Cincinnati QB

Another target for the Rams quarterback search is 6-foot-4 215-pound quarterback Desmond Ridder out of Cincinnati. What you lose for in passing production, you more than makeup for on the ground. While he has less production than Jones, he is certainly just as if not more athletic. It’s tough to measure Ridder’s development in 2020 with the bizarre season. But he has certainly been very effective at finding the end zone when running. His 12 rushing touchdowns this season dwarf his previous two years combined.

Ridder keeps his eyes trained downfield even as he moves nimbly about the pocket. And he is almost the opposite of what Goff has been, as he is capable of changing the game momentum with his legs. Most importantly, this kid can make things happen when the play breaks down. That improvisation factor could be a huge positive when infused with the Rams disciplined offense. He flashes brilliant accuracy and arm strength. He could be a dangerous weapon for the Rams.