LA Rams and how 12 days of Christmas can lead to a SB win

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LA Rams Aaron Donald
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On the twelfth day of Christmas

The LA Rams gave to me 12 quarterback sacks from Aaron Donald. Of course, for the Rams to win this year’s Super Bowl, the team will likely need to win four consecutive post-season games. And to be in a position to win those games, the Rams will likely need to win their two remaining regular-season games.

Of course, any success for the Rams should start with the ‘big guy’, defensive lineman Aaron Donald. He’s the rock of dependability, durability, and passion. Momentum changes are his specialty. Whether a huge tackle behind the line of scrimmage, a quarterback sack, or a forced fumble, Donald can flip the switch and just turn it on.  Are 12 sacks possible in six games against the fiercest NFL competition? For Aaron Donald, it is.

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On the eleventh day of Christmas

The LA Rams gave to me, 11 touchdown passes from Jared Goff.  Once more, the Rams need to win six consecutive games. And to do that, the guy who handles the football on every offensive snap will need to play at the top of his game. Everything to this point in time is water under the bridge. With 14 games from the 2020 NFL season, the Rams starting quarterback has 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.   In 2018, he has just as many interceptions but hurled 32 touchdowns.

So in the race to the Lombardi, it’s almost a basic need for Goff to be that 2018 version of himself once more. 11 touchdowns over the next six games may seem too many or too few. But this Rams team will need them all, and perhaps then some, if the team is to have any chance of getting to the NFL Championship game, let alone winning it. Goff still has the right stuff to make it happen. All he needs to do is to just do it. So he will.