LA Rams and how 12 days of Christmas can lead to a SB win

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LA Rams Matt Gay
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On the eighth day of Christmas

The LA Rams gave to me, eight long-range field goals. Let’s face it, the LA Rams long-distance field goal kicking has been out-of-whack for the past two seasons. And the Rams have certainly made an effort to improve that this year. First, the team tried out three kickers and chose Sam Sloman. When he didn’t work out, the Rams signed veteran kicker Kai Forbath. When he fell to injury, the Rams signed veteran kicker Matt Gay.

So far, Gay has been what the Rams have needed. In five games, he has kicked eight of ten field goals for the team, including five of six from the all-important 40+ yards. That is a huge turn in the positive direction for the Rams field goal unit and is just in the nick of time to help the Rams succeed in their efforts to make a deep playoff run this year. With that in mind, eight field goals of 40+ yards certainly seem well within the realms of possibilities

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On the seventh day of Christmas

The LA Rams gave to me, seven different players, all making huge plays. It’s nothing new for the Rams to feature a new hero each week. We have already written about the likelihood of veteran defensive back John Johnson III performing at a season-best level against the Seattle Seahawks. And that is just one player in one game.

Winning is not about just showing up and doing what you are paid to do. To win the next six games, players will need to show up, stand out, and claim the spotlight. That can be anyone from a punter, to the field goal kicker, to an offensive lineman, to a linebacker. In the end, the Rams will need to find heroes in the next six games.