LA Rams and how 12 days of Christmas can lead to a SB win

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On the sixth day of Christmas

The LA Rams gave to me, six consecutive victories. That’s all it will take. Two victories in the regular season, and then four more victories in the postseason.  Six consecutive wins are certainly possible. So far this season the Rams are stuck in a cycle of two wins and one loss.  But as recently as 2018, the Rams were able to open the season with eight consecutive wins. During that stretch, the Rams won three games by a margin of victory of three points or less.

So the Rams will need to win close games. That hasn’t been their strong suit this season.  In games decided by three points or less, the Rams are 2-3. That is one of the reasons why the Rams are not stringing together more than two wins at a time. If the team can win close games more consistently, stringing together six wins are very possible.

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On the fifth day of Christmas

The LA Rams gave to me, five thrilling game-winning plays. Let’s face it, with the goal of winning the next six games, there will be plenty of highlights to play over and over if the Rams are able to pull it off. There has already been the interception by Jordan Fuller to stop Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from tying or winning the game in Tampa Bay.

A game-winning play is that play where the fate of the game is sealed in the Rams favor. It can be a game-winning field goal, a late score to give the Rams the lead with time running out, or a huge defensive stop that ends the opponent’s rally for a comeback. Six potential games, five game-winning plays. Doable and necessary. What’s next?