LA Rams game day primer: What are Rams made of?

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LA Rams game day
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First blood wins the game?

The LA Rams have a lot of questions for this game, and may not find all of their answers. But the team will discover a great deal about themselves. Do the Rams have any fight left in them after an all-too-embarassing homefield loss to the hapless New York Jets? Can the Rams work within the limits of their active roster? Can the offense remake themselves to become a dependable source of points in highly competitive games?

The Seattle Seahawks somehow find a way to compete for the NFC West title each year. That means that the Rams will need to continue to find ways to win games just like this one. And as is the case late in the season, the Seahawks are playing some of their best football of the season, and the Rams aren’t.  So how can the LA Rams change that?

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There is no trust

The Rams entire team is too inconsistent to have earned much trust so far. This game, while the outcome is certainly uncertain, can be a significan step in the right direction. A Rams victory against the Seahawks does nothing more than ensure that the Rams will play in post-season games. For the Rams to win the NFC West, they must win out, or the Seahaks must lose out.

The Rams have all of the pieces to win out. Yet somehow, their gaffes seem to be more fatal to the team’s chances than similar errors on other teams. In the New Orleans Saints win over the Minnesota Vikings, QB Drew Brees threw two interception and no touchdown passes. And yet the Saints won handily by a score of 52-33 over the Minnesota Vikings. Somhow, the Rams never seem to end up with a decisive win if they make mistakes. So far this season, the Rams have not had a game without a turnover.