3 reasons why LA Rams bounce back against Seahawks

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Reason 2

Well, the LA Rams pattern of two wins to one loss held true last week as the Rams kept in step by losing a game that they never should have lost.  But that also means that the Rams two win one loss pattern is back to scheduling a win this week. While there are likely psychological and physical reasons to help explain this pattern, for our purposes we will merely point out where the Rams are in relation to that cycle.

Two wins and one loss has been the pattern for almost the entire season. The San Francisco 49ers just so happened to meet the Rams on the third game of the repeating cycle. Did that have an impact? It’s so hard to say in 20/20 hindsight, but it does illustrate the inconsistent play of the team so far this year.

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Don’t allow opposing defense to dictate tempo

The LA Rams have a very ‘sensitive’ offense. What that means is that if the Rams face an unexpected defensive strategy, the Rams will abandon the play book and try to pass through it. While the Rams may have great routes called, either quarterback Jared Goff does not have time for the play to develop or he is scrambling for his life and throws to the first receiver he finds with any discernible separation.

Rather, the Rams should commit to using the running game to level the playing field. With a few key runs supported by adequate blocking, the Rams can replicate their near-miraculous comeback in Buffalo. In that game, the Rams continued to push the Bills defense with running plays, which eventually opened up passing routes. After that game, Rams head coach Sean McVay stated that he learned something about the team. Well, the team learned something about the head coach too. He doesn’t like to run.