Our 5 boldest predictions yet for the LA Rams vs. the Seahawks

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LA Rams game day
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Our 5 boldest picks yet for the LA Rams game day results in a must-win game against the rival Seattle Seahawks

No, the LA Rams will not roll over and play dead. In fact, tThe LA Rams will not go quietly into the night. After a whimper against the New York Jets, the Rams were embarrassed publicly. As a result, the rising tide of optimism among fans has bottomed out. And for all of those worthless the-sky-is-falling hot takes, the loss to the Jets has given them all the fuel necessary to burn light and bright for the rest of the season.

This is not a game where either team will try to size the other team up for a full half of football. The Rams know the Seahawks and the Seahawks know the Rams. So throw caution to the wind in this rematch. The Seattle Seahawks can remain cool strategists. After all, they are the team that has clinched a playoff berth. In fact, with the Arizona Cardinals’ loss, they remain the only NFC West to have clinched a playoff berth. The Rams intend to change that.

Sense of urgency

This has not been a fun week for the LA Rams. After a heartbreaking upset loss, the team learned that rookie running back Cam Akers suffered a high ankle sprain.  He ran on that back ankle until he scored the go-ahead touchdown. Thanks to untimely penalties, Akers had three significant gains called back. Imagine running in pain only to learn it was all for naught.

The Rams will play with emotion and urgency in this one. In fact, the Seattle Seahawks are one of the few teams in the NFC who can bring out the best in the Rams. And you can bet that there was an insane amount of coffee consumption by the Rams coaching staff as they worked tirelessly to formulate a game plan for this one.

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Will the Rams overthink it? Will the Seahawks be too relaxed to match the Rams’ intensity? So as we prepare to view one of the most important games of the LA Rams’ season, what can you expect? Here are our five bold predictions, our boldest of the season: