Our 5 boldest predictions yet for the LA Rams vs. the Seahawks

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Bold prediction III

The LA Rams need to play their 12-personnel package in this one. The Seahawks have rejuvenated their paltry pass rush by getting high-octane out of defensive end Carlos Dunlap off the edge, and blitzing defensive back Jamal Adams like a linebacker to created and sustain pressure on the quarterback.  So the Rams should wisely feature their two-tight ends to help the Rams pass protection and running backs.

With two tight ends on the field, the Rams will need to feature one or both of their tight ends in the passing game. Not only will the Rams do that, but one of the Rams tight ends will lead the team in receptions and receiving yardage. While it’s not unheard of, the Rams have been rather hesitant to feature two tight end formations so far.

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Where there is a will

The Rams cannot pussy-foot around it any longer. This is not a game to play ‘finesse’ football. This is a game when Darwin rules, where survival of the fittest is the first law of governance. The Rams have promised to commit to tight ends all season, they haven’t.  But the Rams can show their tight-ends some love in this one.

We know that the LA Rams can feature a tight end in the passing game. In 2019, Higbee was seven of eleven for 116 yards in the Rams 28-12 victory over the Seahawks in the rematch. In the first game against Seattle, Everett was seven of eleven for 136 yards in the Rams 30-29 loss. The Rams did not ride their tight ends in the first game. Instead, they targetted WR Josh Reynolds and Cooper Kupp.  The Rams will go with tight ends, a distinct weakness against the Washington Football team.