Our 5 boldest predictions yet for the LA Rams vs. the Seahawks

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LA Rams Game day Jared Goff
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Bold prediction II

Even when the loss in a game is not the fault of the quarterback, Rams quarterback Jared Goff is such an easy and universally acceptable scapegoat that he gets the blame no matter what unit on the team failed to do their job. At some point in this season, either Goff’s teammates will distance themselves from him and let him take the blame. Or his teammates will witness it all, realize what is going on, and rally to his defense.

I say that the team will rally. And in doing so, quarterback Jared Goff will throw for multiple touchdowns without throwing an interception. That is a very bold statement, considering that Goff did not throw for a touchdown against the Seahawks in the first game. And the Seahawks pass defense may surrender yards in the air, but they are the 10th-ranked defense to score against in the passing game.

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Goff needs this one and delivers

The Rams have been successful at running the ball recently. And if they play with two tight ends, the Seahawks will naturally stack the box with linebackers and creep defensive back, Jamal Adams, into the box. But we know that the Rams can pass the ball effectively to either tight end, so they can call routes to the defense’s weak side. Even with two tight ends, the Rams will have two wide receivers running routes as well.

The Rams can pass effectively in the short passing game. But the team will eventually need to test the Seahawks defense deep. To do that, the Rams will need to entrust either Van Jefferson or Josh Reynolds with an occasional deep route. As long as the Rams keep the down and distance manageable, and keep pressure off Goff, he will have a big game.