How can the LA Rams claim the NFC West title by tying the Seahawks

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

If the LA Rams tie the Seahawks, they not only clinch a berth in the NFL Playoffs but still have a path to winning the NFC West division

With just two games remaining in the regular season, the pressure for the LA Rams to win a game to clinch a playoff berth is mounting. Win and they’re in. But there are other avenues to a playoff berth. In a word, yes. In fact, even in the case of a tie between the LA Rams and the Seattle Seahawks in week 16, the Rams will not only clinch an NFC Playoff berth but will still have a chance to claim the NFC West division title. Here’s how:

Of course, the first step is for the LA Rams and Seattle Seahawks to tie in their week 16 rematch. So that will leave the NFC West division standings looking like this:

Seattle           10-4-1
LA                      9-5-1
Arizona             8-7
San Fran           6-9

While the Rams are in, they will climb no higher than a sixth-seed and will travel to face the second seed team in round one of the NFL Playoffs. Ah, but there is a game in week 17, and that is the rest of the story isn’t it?

Week 17

In the 2020 NFL season finale, the Rams will face off against the Arizona Cardinals. That game has huge playoff implications for 75 percent of the NFC West, and for many of the NFC playoff teams. So here’s how the Rams can still win the NFC West if they tie the Seahawks in week 16.  The Rams must end the season tied with the Seahawks to give tiebreakers a chance to work.

So if the LA Rams defeat the Arizona Cardinals in the season finale, and if the San Francisco 49ers defeat the Seattle Seahawks in their final game, the NFC West  division standings will look like this:

LA                10-5-1
Seattle       10-5-1
Arizona       8-8
San Fran     7-9

Of course, if the Chicago Bears end the season at 8-8, they will land the seventh seed, and will likely face the New Orleans Saints. The Rams as the third seed, by luck of the draw, will host the sixth-seeded Seattle Seahawks and face them for the third time this year.

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Of course, with game remaining to be played this weekend, the playoff scenarios are all still up in the air. But the Rams have a spectrum of possibilities in front of them. As long as the Rams win or tie one game, they are guaranteed a playoff berth. But if the Rams win two games, they set themselves up to improve their seeding significantly.