Thumbs down! LA Rams QB Goff’s dislocated thumb throws playoff hopes into tailspin

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams QB Jared Goff’s dislocated (broken) thumb highlights a paltry offensive effort which is dashing the team’s playoff hopes once more

The LA Rams needed to test quarterback Jared Goff’s ability to lead the team to victory in hostile territory. And the verdict? A resounding thumbs down. Yes, figuratively  and literally. You see, among a number of other injuries, the Rams starting quarterback suffered what could only have been a dislocated thumb in his throwing hand. Yes, the Rams kept him in the game.

The Rams were already playing without running back Cam Akers.  But early in the second half, Darrell Henderson left the game with an ankle injury after putting up a solid showing to drive the ball to a first down and goal. Soon thereafter, starting quarterback Jared Goff dislocated the thumb on his throwing hand and the broadcast kept the camera on him as he popped it back into place.

And shockingly, Goff remained in the game.

Injuries reaching critical mass now

So here we are, with the Rams injured reserve roster filling up fast. But what is the deal with Jared Goff? The Rams reassured everyone that quarterback John Wolford was very competent, and that if the need arose the coaching staff would not hesitate to put Wolford into the game.

The need arose today, and the coaches balked.

Whether you believe in Goff or as many are now calling in melodramatic fashion to trade him and the Rams entire bank of draft picks for another team to take him off the Rams’ hands, Jared Goff deserved better than to struggle in a game, suffer a dislocated thumb, and be sent right back out there. Why have a backup quarterback that nobody trusts can backup the quarterback?

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Rams playoff hopes fading fast

For that matter, where was running back Xavier Jones when Henderson fell to injury? Where was WR Van Jefferson in this game? He was targeted just once. In fact, the Rams had invested heavily into the 2020 NFL Draft, bringing in two talented players for the offense.  But somehow, they have been warming the bench.

The Rams have failed themselves in this season. Somewhere in the grand scheme of play calling and offensive strategy, the Rams failed to restore the run-centric offense that Jared Goff was comfortable and effective at running. While that is most certainly the team’s prerogative, they never installed a Plan B alternative. The Rams drove the

Rams backups are last hope?

So here we are in a two game losing streak. While Jared Goff bashing is not my forte, I have no hesitation to point to the flaws in the Rams planning for the late stage of the season. Even as the Rams watched players in the inside linebacker position and secondary fall to injuries, the team did not act. Now, the Rams are also dangerously thin at running back, and may need to start their backup quarterback for the season finale.

Has the team prepared Wolford adequately? Has the team worked with practice squad quarterback Bryce Perkins enough?

Whatever the plan was, the time to debate is over. The Rams must heal the wounded, rest the weary, and somehow find a way to regroup in time to win one game. What the Rams should have done is all water under the bridge. Somehow, the Rams must determine if a starting quarterback with a broken or dislocated thumb gives the team a better chance to win than a backup who has never taken a snap in the regular season.

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As for us? We have to ask ourselves how it got this far.