LA Rams news about COVID-19 Kupp is no need to panic, seriously.

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3. Rams QB Wolford is a wild card for the wild card

The image of LA Rams quarterback John Wolford scrambling, throwing strikes, and playing very well in this Rams offense is not easy to envision. But it’s just as likely as his debut not going as well as Rams fans are hoping. After all, he is a mobile quarterback on a team that has had nothing but pocket passing for the past four seasons.

Don’t get me wrong. Nobody is claiming Wolford to light up the Cardinals secondary with five touchdowns and 500 yards passing. But right now, the Rams truly do not need that from him. Instead, the Rams have an opportunity to stretch out plays by moving Wolford around in the pocket. And with Wolford’s ability to run with the ball, anything deep downfield should be open.

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A brief flash

Wolford is most definitely a wild card for the Rams right now.  In the 2019 preseason, he completed 25 of 44 passes for 249 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.  He also rushed 10 times for 28 yards and was not sacked. Hardly the type of basis to unlock much of the Rams tempo and strategy with him under center, right?

Well, the Rams did choose Wolford to backup Goff for good reason, knowing how little experience he has in the NFL.  We’ve seen Goff try to run, but Wolford can do so naturally. In fact, the style of Wolford’s game is similar to that of Russell Wilson: a run capable quarterback who continues to look downfield under pressure but who can gash unprepared defenses.  So either the Cardinals defenders will stick close to the receivers and give Wolford running room, or they will keep an eye on Wolford and allow receivers to create separation.