LA Rams news about COVID-19 Kupp is no need to panic, seriously.

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1. The Rams defense can win this one

The LA Rams may not be fielding their offense at full strength, but why are so many overlooking the quality of the Rams defense? After all, the Rams have enough on the defensive side of the ball to stop offenses and score themselves. All season, we’ve seen flashes of just how stifling they can play. Well, this Sunday they will play like there is no tomorrow, because there may not be.

The funny thing about knowing what type of player you have cannot truly be known until they play under the greatest pressure possible, and then again when they play with nothing to gain but their won pride. The pressure introduces a myriad of distractions that many professional athletes cannot tune out, and so their Achilles Heel is the bright spotlight. On the other end of the spectrum, other players cannot play hard when the only thing on the line is their own competitive nature. So far, the Rams defense has played well in both scenarios.

Superstars will shine

There has never been a game like this for the LA Rams since head coach Sean McVay has taken over. Jared Goff is not under center. For those of you who blame Goff for each loss, and give him no credit for the team’s success, this is unchartered territory.  But more importantly, the fire and focus for the team’s remaining stars must now burn all the brighter.

The Rams defense will be led by defensive lineman Aaron Donald. No, he won’t sack Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray five times, because he won’t need to do that. He will be in Murray’s face though and forcing premature throws.   His teammate, defensive back Jalen Ramsey, will have his hands full of defending DeAndre Hopkins. But between the two of them, they’ll get it done.

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The path to the playoffs may be a bit steeper and more narrow for the Rams, but it is still there as it has always been.