The LA Rams fell to a 3.5-point underdogs against the Cardinals


Thanks to the public wagering 2-1 on the Cardinals, the LA Rams have fallen to 3.5 point home underdogs

The LA Rams have spent much of the season as underdogs in the eyes of gamblers. In fact, the Rams opened the season as underdogs in their first three games when they hosted the Dallas Cowboys, traveled to take on the Philadelphia Eagles, and then back to face the Buffalo Bills. If the truth be known, the Rams seem to play better when they are the underdog. They seem to overlook their opponent when they are the favorite.

So it may be a mixed blessing to learn that the Rams are not favored this weekend, despite playing at home.  After all, the Rams are in the midst of a two-game losing streak that began by losing to the New York Jets. The team has also been reeling with a wave of losses to their starters, both on offense and defense.  Added all up, it’s made the LA Rams a tough team to select when putting money on the line.

What are the odds?

And so, the Rams opened as a 1.0 point underdog to the visiting Arizona Cardinals. But it didn’t stay there. Money has poured in, nearly at a rate of two-to-one, on the Arizona Cardinals. Of course, when that happens, the odds swing to that team. As of today, the LA Rams have fallen to a 3.5-point underdog to the Cardinals, and there is still time for the odds to swing even further.

Since this game is played at SoFi Stadium, these odds are the equivalent of nearly a full touchdown and extra point from a neutral site, and a touchdown and field goal difference from playing at the Arizona Cardinals home field.

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The Rams are starting QB John Wolford for his first NFL start, and have had plenty of other losses to starters announced all week.  No doubt the odds have moved due to fears that the Rams will not be able to compensate in time. But, that remains to be seen.