Some LA Rams fans get their wish as team starts QB John Wolford

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LA Rams John Wolford
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Be careful what you wish for

But there is an old adage, ‘Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it’. And that may prove to be the case now, as the Rams will likely give strong consideration to starting backup quarterback John Wolford in the season finale against the Arizona Cardinals. And in the words of head coach Sean McVay: ‘John Wolford, wow‘. And there is the reason to hope for a positive finish.

Wolford does bring a different set of skillsets to the Rams offense, and many of those talents align with what this Rams offense wants to do.  Since McVay took over the helm with the LA Rams, the team has been one of the innovators to NFL offenses. But some believe that Goff is holding the offense from elevating to the next level. And the hope of those fans is that Wolford will unlock the next-level to McVay’s genius.

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Novice means no NFL snaps

But there is a cold harsh reality. Namely, Wolford has never taken an NFL snap in a regular-season game. And with that comes a host of ‘never done’s’ that Wolford will now face. He has never played a football game at NFL speed, which is lightning fast to someone processing everything around him for the first time. He has never been under real pressure before. He has never been tackled at the NFL level.

The point is not to call out the doom-and-gloom, but to point out just how we truly do not know what Wolford will deliver. So we must rely upon indirect means of forming an opinion. And there is enough there to be optimistic. The Rams named Wolford as the backup in just his second season with the club. He showed promise in 2019 preseason games, and then again with the 2020 scrimmage games in SoFi Stadium.  So he has blown away everything so far. So what does head coach Sean McVay think?