Will the LA Rams tap untested rookies on offense this Sunday?

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LA Rams Trsihton Jackson
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The Rams will have a new quarterback under center, so it’s neither a good thing nor a bad thing if the Rams have a new pass-catcher on the field as well.  So far, the Rams have done a pretty good job of giving most of the receivers on the roster some snaps on offense. But the Rams, as explosive and diverse as it is, still runs up against the limits of one football to go around. And so, the team has saved both tight end Brycen Hopkins and wide receiver Trishton Jackson for special teams so far. That could change now.

The Rams have used 6-foot-4 245-pound Brycen Hopkins sparsely so far this season. The story on Hopkins out of college is that he is capable of making multiple circus-catches in a single game. But his consistency needs improvement. So far, he’s found it nearly impossible to crack the lineup. But that could prove to be an advantage if the Rams have worked Hopkins into some red-zone packages.

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Action Jackson

With WR Cooper Kupp unavailable, it makes sense for the Rams to give rookie WR Trishton Jackson an opportunity in this one. Some have described Jackson as playing a very similar style to that of veteran WR Josh Reynolds.  Jackson is a 6-foot-1 197-pound wide receiver from the University of Syracuse. He beat a number of highly talented wide receivers to make the roster this year.

Jackson is a highly regarded talent who fell in the 2020 NFL Draft due to a surplus of receiver prospects.  He has deep-threat speed who has no problem getting vertical separation. With a 4.5-second 40-yard dash, he is one of the fastest players on the roster. Jackson has all of the raw talent set to flourish in this Rams offense, and be a key cog in threatening the back end of defenses. With Wolford, the Rams could target some deep pass plays. Jackson is critical to succeeding at throwing the long-ball.