What does ‘success’ mean for this LA Rams season?

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Dominant defense

The Rams defense was certainly a huge question mark for this season. But the team converted the defections of multiple veterans into the opportunity to retool the defense for the new philosophy, and have done so despite the worst of conditions this year.  That lines the team’s efforts for the 2021 NFL season more acutely on the bullseye of what the team needs.

The team managed to extend defensive back Jalen Ramsey, when so many felt it virtually impossible to do so. The team signed a number of under-the-radar additions to the defense, such as linebackers Justin Hollins and Derek Rivers. While Rivers signed in the final year of his contract, the experience proves that the Rams can strengthen their roster off the waiver wire of other teams.

Frugal roster building can work

Imagine the Rams defense with stronger play at inside linebacker, or greater depth on the edge. Imagine the Rams hitting in the 2021 NFL Draft in a way that rivals the good fortune of the 2020 NFL Draft? That does not mean a shopping spree in NFL Free Agency, nor a dozen draft picks. The Rams experience this season proved that modest under-the-radar signings can be the most effective.

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No, this is not a concession. It’s simply a listing of what the Rams have accomplished this season, before I ready public outrage at this team’s season. Win or lose, the Rams have set the team up for a great future. And that deserves as much recognition as missed opportunities.