5 reasons why LA Rams could get hot in the NFL Playoffs

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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Reason 1 – Rams defense can dominate

The best of the LA Rams defense is yet to happen. But even as the team figures out ways to make the defense work, they’ve been pretty good all season. And just as the special teams, the Rams defense has gotten better as the season has played out. This is not pre-game hype. It’s the basic facts of the 2020 NFL season.

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The LA Rams have had the pieces to a dominating defense for some time, but there was no glue to pull everything together. In short, the numbers were they, but the math functions weren’t. This year. the Rams defense has truly been able to unlock the advantages of playing some of the top talents in the NFL in Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. This defense not only schemes to unlock star potential but formulates ways to unlock the talent around them to ease the burden.

Why the Rams can get hot

The LA Rams are 2-2 against the Top-10 quarterbacks in the NFL this season. If you include the Top-15 quarterbacks, the Rams are 4-2. The Rams win because they do the unexpected on defense. How so? The players show one form of coverage but shift into a different form. It’s that ‘what are they doing?’ that causes the quarterback to hesitate, and allow pressure to get to him.

The Rams defense does not fall into the same pattern. In fact, it’s quite clear that the Rams defense is one of the most adaptive in the NFL. Even if the Rams are outplayed in the first half of a game, it was virtually impossible to fool the defense in the second half. Perhaps that ability to refocus on the fly is one of the best characteristics of this defense and the team.

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Yes, the LA Rams are the sixth-seed. But unless you are the Kansas City Chiefs or the Green Bay Packers, you will need to win four consecutive games to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. The Rams have played their worst. Now, the NFL may witness the Rams at their best.  Four games. The Rams can get hot enough to win four games. The only question is, will they?