5 critical takeaways from LA Rams victory

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /
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As we look to the 2020 NFL Playoffs, here are five critical takeaways from the LA Rams victory that got the team here

The LA Rams are already fully focused upon their first playoff game in nearly two years. As they plan and train to face the Seattle Seahawks, we can pause a moment here to absorb what the LA Rams showed and can take away from their last win of the 2020 NFL Season. After all, the tenth win of the season needed three attempts to occur, so it should get an extra bit of time to savor the flavor.  So what did we learn?

Well, the first impression is the clear logical one. Despite the preseason hype over the Arizona Cardinals suddenly becoming a playoff team in the offseason, they failed to achieve the mark. Yes, the Cardinals improved significantly, and their early two wins in the NFC West shocked the NFL. But in the end, the Cardinals ended with a record of 8-8, and only the injury-riddled San Francisco 49ers finished the season at 6-10 to lock up the last place.

Rams winning record again

Despite all the doomsday predictions, the LA Rams finished the 2020 NFL season with a 10-6 record. That is the fourth of four seasons under head coach Sean McVay that the Rams have earned a winning record. And in those four seasons, the Rams missed the NFL Playoffs just once, in 2019.  That is not an easy feat to accomplish. The 2020 season had to overcome suffocating NFL salary cap commitments, limited draft picks, defecting veteran talent, and an influx of inexperienced players.

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The Rams closed out the 2020 NFL season with a mixed bag. Winning just three of their five December games. But there were several takeaways that could prove to be critical as the Rams enter the post-season. After all, the Rams faced the Arizona Cardinals with a no-holds-barred must win, and had to unleash every trick in the book. So how did the Rams do?