5 critical takeaways from LA Rams victory

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Rams must stop turnovers

if the Rams could control the ridiculous streak of turning the ball over in each game, they would. While so many attribute turnovers to starting quarterback Jared Goff, the Rams committed two turnovers in a game where Goff remained on the bench. Two more turnovers in a season plagued by turnovers.

The LA Rams have committed 25 turnovers in a season where they turned the ball over at least once per game. Of the 2020 NFL Playoff teams, only the Washington Football team and the Chicago Bears have a lower net turnover number than the Rams minus three.  Teams that turn the ball over frequently are handicapped in the post-season.  While we’ve chided the team all season, the inability to secure the ball has cost the Rams at least one win this season.

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Ball control can control Rams destiny

As soon as the Rams cut out gifting the football to their opponent, they will improve their chances of winning significantly.  That is not just an opinion, it’s the hard fundamental of football.  Turnovers change the momentum of a game. For the Rams latest effort against the Arizona Cardinals, two turnovers created the following:

I – Gave the Cardinals their one and only scoring opportunity, as they took over at the LA Rams 14-yard line with a first down and 10 yards to go.  That gave the Cardinals an early seven-point lead.

II – Gave the Cardinals the ball as the Rams were in a position to score a go-ahead touchdown from the two-yard line.  Two turnovers created a 14 point differential in the game. Thankfully, the Rams defense held the Cardinals’ offense on their subsequent possession and avoided letting this game get completely out of hand.