Looks like the LA Rams will welcome back Andrew Whitworth

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

For now, it appears that LA Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth will be back on the Rams roster to face the Seattle Seahawks

The LA Rams suffered a number of injuries in the Rams’ first meeting with the Seattle Seahawks. The worst of which appeared to be an MCL injury to the knee of offensive left tackle Andrew Whitworth. Appeared is the operative word, as Whitworth is now the second player since that fateful day who is projected to return to the active 53-man roster in time for the Rams round one playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Of course, that is all subject to change as the move from the injured reserve roster to the active 53-man roster is not yet officially recognized. The Rams 53-man roster will need to create a vacancy, and that has not yet occurred.

The Rams did return inside linebacker Micah Kiser to the 53-man roster last week, but Kiser was inactive on game day as his knee prevented him from participating fully in practices before the Cardinals game.

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Reason for the delay?

There is no advantage to the team to return Whitworth to the active 53-man roster quickly. After all, the need to create a vacancy actually gives the Rams an incentive for delaying the move.  The Rams know that Whitworth will return, but the Seahawks cannot know who the Rams will waive to make that move official until the Rams do so.

In the end, the Rams will likely waive two players to make room for both OT Andrew Whitworth and DT Michael Brockers. Who might they be? Well, if the Rams get a clean bill of health on starting quarterback Jared Goff, then one likely player to be waived would be recently signed QB Blake Bortles. As for the other? The Rams may waive recently signed defensive end, Derek Rivers, who has played only a token 29 defensive snaps in five games on the team.

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The return of Whitworth is a huge boost to an offense that has become ineffective and vanilla.  With his return, the Rams could likely return to the offense that averaged over three touchdowns per game.  And with his return, do not be surprised to learn that the Rams will restore quarterback Jared Goff to start in this one.  It’s NFL Playoffs for the LA Rams. And the veterans are coming back healthy, ready, and rested.