LA Rams activate DL Michael Brockers in time for round one

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

Activating DL Michael Brockers could give LA Rams huge boost for round one

The LA Rams defense is the best in the NFL because the players are more than just teammates. They are family. The players understand sacrifice, because the two defensive leaders, Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, are content to impact the game but not the stats sheet.

That leaves the job to the other guys sometimes. One such player who has picked up his game in this defense is veteran defensive lineman Michael Brockers. He has always been a wrecking ball against the running game. This season, he’s been a quiet smolder in the pass rush as well. And the Rams get him back for this one.

Not only does that add a rested and talented veteran to the Rams’ defensive front, but Brockers is a close friend of Aaron Donald. In a huge game like this, the Rams will do well to surround Donald with trusted friends.

Ground and pound

The Rams and Seattle Seahawks offenses are known for their aerial assaults. Both teams have very talented receivers and quarterbacks who can heave the ball to them. But that may not be the path either team takes in this one. In fact, this could very likely turn into a ground and pound affair, with both teams hellbent on controlling the clock. For the Rams, time of possession in their favor means less opportunity for Russell Wilson to score.

But the Seahawks know that they must break through the Rams defensive blockade. What better way to do so than to keep the Rams defense on the field, run it right at them, and then after they are tired and sore, attack through the air? Winning in the playoffs is about taking away what your opponent wants to do. Right now, the Rams defense is playing at its peak.

The LA Rams will have a much better chance of stopping the Seahawks’ running game with Michael Brockers in the lineup. And as this game is expected to be a low scoring game, the Rams have a much better shot of holding up their end of the defensive matchup if Brockers is playing.

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The Rams are at the best that they can be for this one. Let’s hope it’s enough to advance into round two of the NFL Playoffs.