LA Rams overcome adversity in round one of NFL Playoffs

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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The LA Rams are learning how to win in spite of adversity, and that makes this a very dangerous team indeed

There are three things that can prevent the LA Rams from achieving their goals of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this year. One is to compete against a superior team. Yes, the Rams are not the most talented roster in the NFL right now. The second is to suffer a depleting number of injuries to the roster.

That nearly happened against the Seattle Seahawks. But perhaps the third and most frustrating event that can prevent these Rams from winning the next three games is the fear of not being able to do so. Fear is something that the Rams can control. Sometimes circumstances can force fear to occur. But it is just as likely that circumstances can exorcise fearful demons from a football player’s psyche.

Fear of failure

That fear of failure has plagued the Rams this season. When things turned south, misfortune seemed to pick up steam until the Rams team seemed unable to halt a free fall. That ineptness did not happen against the best teams. Rather, the losses piled up against inferior teams.  The Rams lost twice to the San Francisco 49ers, who were only 4-10 against the remainder of the NFL. The Rams lost to the hapless New York Jets, who used their first victory of the season against the LA Rams to launch to a second and final win of the season against the Cleveland Browns.

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Losing to inferior teams happens. That is why is highly improbable for NFL teams to go undefeated in a single season. But it is not without cause. Whether it be due to a roster depleted by injuries, players committing mental mistakes, or just one-of-those games, good teams will encounter a team that they should defeat but fail to do so.